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Custom Booster Box Release

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[align=center]This is my first release in a long time. This is my custom made booster box template.







Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ejdjdyunut5

Half Rights:

  • Free
  • Must give credit to "Neon" & "Dark Galaxy -DR-".
  • Can not use in shops
  • Can not use for requests.
  • Can not sell.
  • Can not Edit


Full Rights:

  • 150 Points
  • Must give credit to "Neon" & "Dark Galaxy -DR-"
  • Can use in Shops
  • Can use in requests
  • Can not Sell raw template.
  • Can Edit & Sell; Credit must still be givin.


[spoiler=People with Full Rights]

- Tefached

- End of the Abyss

- Skippy_Canoe

- ŞťřïЖЄѓ™









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Used Perspective and rotated and resized it.


could you tell me the exact thing cause i tried rotating my boosters in paint but couldnt get it right


You can't do that kind of shiz in MS Paint. You can't. You just can't. Simple.


what are talking about i do alot of things in ms paint i was trying to do it earlier theres something wrong with you, and next time give me a reason next time

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Monkey; Yes you can use this on gimp and you can edit the text i only saying that the effects you see now on the text will be gone. so yes you can edit the text.


Cant you just use select box, selesct part of the box and copy it. Paste over the text and make new text? But I am downloading Photo Shop tomorrow (7/28) And how do I edit text on PS? ANd how do I remove the render without messing it up?

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