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Cyber Condor


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this deck is a proxy as of right now, as Wiraqocha, and Savage Colosseum havent hit TCG yet, but runs smoothly so far.



Deck: 40


Monsters: 17

E.I. Wiraqocha Rasca, 3x

Jinzo, 3x

Jinzo Returner, 3x

Fusilier Dragon, 2x

Fiendish Engine O, 1x

Dark Resonator, 2x

Cyber Dragon, 1x

Sagan, 1x

PlagueSpreader Zombie, 1x


Spells: 17

Savage Colosseum, 2x

Terraforming, 1x

Allure of Darkness, 2x

Fires of Doomsday, 2x

Dark Eruption, 1x

Limiter Removal, 1x

Future Fusion, 1x

Overload Fusion, 1x

Monster Reborn, 1x

MST, 1x

Heavy Storm, 1x


traps: 6

Level Conversion Lab, 3x

Solemn Judgement, 3x


Extra Deck: 15

Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, 1x

Chimeratech Overdragon, 1x

13 usual synchro monsters

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