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Yugi Moto's Deck [LOCK!!!!!]


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Yugi Moto's deck (My Concept)



1 [buster Blader]

1 [Dark Magician]

2 [Jack's Knight]

1 [summoned Skull]

1 [big Shield Gardna]

3 [Green Gadget]

2 [King's Knight]

2 [Kuriboh]

1 [Marshmallon]

2 [Queen's Knight]

3 [Red Gadget]

3 [Yellow Gadget]



1 [brain Control]

1 [Card of Sanctity]

3 [Diffusion Wave-Motion]

1 [Exchange]

1 [Monster Reborn]

3 [Polymerization]

1 [swords of Revealing Light]



1 [Lightforce Sword]

1 [Magical Hats]

1 [Mirror Force]

3 [spellbinding Circle]

1 [stronghold the Moving Fortress]


Fusion Deck

1 [Dark Paladin]


The rules are that you may only use cards from duelist pack Yugi Moto, and cards not featured in that pack that are used by either Yugi or Yami Yugi (Not Pharaoh or who ever the other millennium world analog is). You must also follow the Advanced Format Rules.

The Prize will be 3 Reps for the best, judged by members that haven't entered.

Entry limit is the first 10 members, as I haven't the time to keep track of more than that (I have to do stuff that doesn't pertain to YCM).

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I'm fairly sure that your contest idea is my one that's still running' date=' but restricted to Yugi.


As for the deck, those cards won't work together.



Sorry about that, I just posted this without thinking. You can call me a n00b for that, since it's a n00b mistake...


As for the deck, it's not Metagame level, it's just a deck I am going to build for fun.


This seems more like a Yami deck. The only thing is that Yami never used the gadgets. Yugi used those to beat Yami. Take out them for Dark Magician Girl' date=' Magician's Valkyria, and something else. This wont last as a contest. Sorry



Please read my reply to burnpsy.

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Even if it's not metagame level, most of those cards won't actually work in a deck. Fun-level decks at least work, and head towards a common goal during a game.


Gadgets are a fun-level deck. You already run those, Yugi did, you could probably just build Gadgets. It would work better than this. >.>

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