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Robo-dragons my new just made cards!

are these cards okay?  

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  1. 1. are these cards okay?

    • YES they are good
    • NO they are crappy

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First thing: if you make LV monsters thel Level-stars must be equal to the LV in name ex:

LV4 - 4 stars

LV6 - 6 stars


Next one: bad pictures, white and black background.

Last thing: OCG, look at orginal LV monsters and don't be afraid of copying main part about summoning.


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1) If you are making an LV Monster, your amount of levelstars must be equel to the LV.

2) OCG is way off.

3) You placed effects on Normal Monster Cards. We have the effect option in the cardmaker.

4) Pictures are used many times.

5) No background on LV3 --> failed


3/10 and then I am being nice

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