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{K.M}Kyakoden, The Sleepless Flame{K.M}


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Another card by me that would be my second today, I've had Help from a member to fix this card befor i posted it (Thx Kitty Princess) and acording to her it's ready for a thread of it's own.





This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by Removing from play 1 Pyro-Type monster in your hand. This card is unaffected by Trap effects. This card gains 300 ATK and DEF X the Level or the monster removed from play to Summon it. Aslong as this card is on the field no other Pyro-Type monsters can be on your side of the field. When this card is destroyed by battle you and your opponent both take 100 points of damage X the Level of the monster that destroyed this card.


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