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synchro deck


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i wanted to share my recipe for you do not say bad things just some tips or good things i called survivor deck(not for d.d. survivor) just because if my life points gonna become 0 i activate something and i survive.ok, enough intro this is my deck:




-nitro synchron lv 2

-turbo syncron lv1

-junk synchron lv 3

-road syncron lv 4 just for road warrior and lv 5 if he battles at the end of the damage step (his lv is reduced by 2 for any syncro except road)

-krebons lv 2


-raiza the storm monarch lv6 gold

-kuraz the light monarch lv6

-mobius the frost monarch lv6

-thestalos the firestorm monarch lv6

-granmarg the rock monarch lv6

-zaborg the thunder monarch lv 5

-fortress warrior lv2

-spirit reaper lv3

-goblin attack force lv 4

-assault beast lv 4

-treeborn frog lv1

-neo-spacian grand mole lv3

-breaker the magical warrior lv4

-penguin soldier lv 2

-sangan lv 3

-stardust dragon assault mode lv 10(my signature card)



heavy storm

double summon

brain control

swords of revealing light

monster reborn

smashing grount

soul exchange


assault teleport x2



hallowed life barrier ultimate

magic cylinder

scrap iron scarecrow x2

assault mode activate x2

bottomless trap hole

widespread ruin

sakuretsu armor

draining shield

negate attack

raigeki break


dimensional wall ultimate


extra deck:

stardust dragon-ultimate lv 8

red dragon archfiend-tin lv8

black rose dragon-tin lv8(this was an exchange power tool ghost for this)

road warrior lv8 (it needs road and 2 or more nontuners)

nitro warrior lv 7

turbo warrior lv6

junk warrior-common lv 5

physic lifetrancer lv 7

gaia knight the force of earth lv6



cards im looking for:

trough ruler archfiend

caius the shadow monarch

marshmallow(from the duelist pack yugi)

mirror force(from yugi)

ancient fairy dragon

plaguespreader zombie

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