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Resident Evil:The Hive [First 3 To Join Gets A Rep]


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A secret experiment. A deadly virus. A fatal mistake.



[spoiler=Umbrella Corporation Info/Faq.]

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Umbrella Corporation had become the largest commercial entity in the United States. Nine out of every ten homes contain its products. It's political and financial influence is felt everywhere. In public, it is the world's leading supplier of computer technology, medical products, and healthcare. Unknown, even to its own employees, it's massive profits are generated by military technology, genetic experimentation and viral weaponry.






The Hive, a top-secret genetic research facility owned by the Umbrella Corporation located deep beneath Raccoon City. A technician loads vials of blue and green liquid into a secured case, then tosses one blue vial onto the floor inside a lab, exits and seals the room. The vial breaks and the facility's security system, the Red Queen detects possible infection, and in response, seals the Hive and kills everyone inside.




[spoiler=T-Virus Info/Faq.]

The T-virus is protean, changing from liquid to airborne to blood transmission, depending on its environment. It is almost impossible to kill.The transmission can be carried to another person by a bite or the samllest of scratches.




[spoiler=My Character]

I'm the Red Queen and numerous zombies.




[spoiler=Character App]


Age: (Above 20)




Company:(UC or S.R.T.)


Gets Infected?:


Any Other Information:





Anyone can be Rain and any other character, but you are killed.




[spoiler=Events or Updates]






[spoiler=Chapter 1: Recruiting For The Hive]

Recruiting for the journey into the hive.





[spoiler=Zombie List]

Normal Zombie





All Rules Apply.





They can only die by headshots.


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can we be part of stars?

if so...............

Name:Bob Hidalgo


Biography:After joining stars he was sent to find samples of the tG-virus to create a antibody

Personality:short tempered brag type

Appearance:5 ft with a beard-mustache combo that is brown. he is bald and wears a STARS uniform



Gets Infected?:Yes he was tested on with the tG


Any Other Information:

guns:TMP, knife, handgun, and flash grenades

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