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all powerful 'wod' give ideas


like cards? which is favorite   

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  1. 1. like cards? which is favorite

    • sunset dragon
    • black graveyard dragon
    • hellfire dragon
    • all of them are good
    • me don't likey

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*barfs* the images...they hurt...my eyes... @[email protected]

not to mention the death-on-site OCG, bleck!

but yea, plz change these, u can possibly think these are good??

a few tips:

post the effect in a spoiler under the card, that way people dont have to squint at their computer screens.

get nice high quality images with backgrounds. no-one, and i mean NO ONE likes blurry crappy pics.

look at the official OCG thread here on the site. you really need it.

finally, try to make new, balanced effects. looking at dragons with 3000 ATK gets old after the first billionth time...

1/10 for now

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