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So a dislexic man runs into a bra...


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Monsters: 20

2x Cyberdark Keel

2x Cyberdark Edge

2x Cyberdark Horn

Cyber Dragon

3x Hunter Dragon

2x Exploder Dragon

3x Black Salvo

2x Dragunity - Phalanx

2x Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind



Spells: 15

2x Mind Control

2x Cyberdark Impact!

Future Fusion

Limiter Removal

Overload Fusion

Giant Trunade

Heavy Storm

Brain Control

Monster Reborn

2x Dark Eruption

2x Allure of Darkness


Traps: 5

3x Solemn Judgment

Torrential Tribute

Crush Card Virus


Extra: 15

3x Cyberdark Dragon

2x Chimeratech Overdragon

10x Generic




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Ok, that's awesome, esspecially if you can get some really powerful dragons into the grave. I assume that's what Future Fusion is for, and the synchros. Obviously, Black Rose will be the easiest to get into the grave, summon and blow-up, but I'm not sure what to remove for Allure. MC is about the only thing i would consider, but it works so well for the deck =( maybe consider removing Overload Fusion... maybe, but the more I think about it, the more I realize I don't think you can fit allure unless you want to reduce consistency, which is the whole reason for Allure -.-

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-1 M-Con

+1 D-Erupt


but what should I neg for Allure?



Extra Deck Posted


Cut the Bribes; I don't see any particular reason for them to be here.


Yeah' date=' Bribes haven't helped me that much.


-2 Bribes

+2 Allure


I came in here expecting a dislexic man running into a bra, where is it?


Um.. He letf.



Looks solid.



And nice sig.

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cpell count=not correct' date=' there r 15. anywayz good job. but i wouldnt know much about ctbers



woops. Thanks. fixed.



And what are ctbers.


If you mean Cybers, ok. But if you're abbreviating then wtf?


*cybers, i clicked t accident

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