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Hero Support Card Much

Alastar Rainford

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well i say 600 becuz most E-heroes have semi-low ATK, so for a die-hard E-hero deck, 600 would be fine.

however, in the e-hero super decks ive seen lol, it could be like 400, and it could be considered OP'd xD

so either works, 400 seems kinda of "not worth it" to me lol. most cards dont stay on the field to long xD

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OP effect, they gain 1000 ATK!!!! Change that and the effect would be fine. OCG wise, it is pretty good and if there are any errors they are only very minor and don't really matter too much. Pic is not brilliant.

Overall 7/10

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neat effect' date=' with but no drawback, it's OPed





That ^^


OCG Fix -


(blah blah blah) While this card is face-up in the Field Card Zone, all "Hero" monsters gain 1000 ATK.


Only a minor fix ^^


Cool effect but for some reason all I could think was "Crystal Beasts, Crystal Beasts, Crystal Beasts"


8 / 10

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Good card, the image is pretty good, the OCG is solid, and the effect is good support for all "Hero" monsters.


I think it is fairly balanced now, if it needed more balancing out, you could make it so the monsters gain 600 ATK during your Damage Step much like "Skyscraper".



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