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a better soundtrack?


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Have you ever seen a anime or a TV show that you watch alot, and when you start listening to an especific song, it reminds you alot of the show, so much that the song could be in the official soundtrack?


well that happens to me...alot.


I was recently watching some AMVs (Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon...not kidding, Pokemon!) and it strucked a chord with me that they either use songs by Three Days Grace (Animal I Have Become), Evanescence (Bring Me to Life) or Linkin Park (just about everything in their catalog, even remixes), and while I like those songs, they get kinda get tiresome after the first 500 listens. I don't care who you are.


If Kurt Cobain got tired of playing playing "Smells Like Teen Spirit", no matter how awsome the song is, it can get boring and dry.


sense I don't have the kinda time to make AMVs, I dicided to put together a list of songs that make me think of an certain anime. This is to help my imagination out, and help me write better stories (which I dont wanna post yet!)


the Unofficial Pokemon Soundtrack

(mostly the manga, because it RULES!)

1.Condition Oakland - Jawbreaker

2.Blinding - Die! Die! Die!

3.Wattershed - Foo Fighters

4.Drowning by Numbers - Placebo

5.Sex Beat - Gun Club

6.Disorder - Joy Division (Pokemon + Joy Division = EPIC!)

7.Seed Toss - Superchunk

8.Ocean - Sebadoh

9.Very Ape - Nirvana

10.Dream All Day - The Posies

11.Inside Out - Eve 6 (everybody knows this song...I miss the 90's)

12.Crumble - Dinosaur Jr.

13.Sh** Luck - Modest Mouse

14.Fairytale in the Supermarket - The Raincoats

15.Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes

16.Whoyouknow - McLusky

17.Car - Built to Spill

18.Web in Front - Archers of Loaf




this next one was for Naruto/a comic I was working on.


1.Pattern Against User - At The Drive-In

2.Suck - The Wedding Present

3.Sink Into Me - Taking Back Sunday

4.Puddle Splashers - Cap'n Jazz

5.Woodson - The Get Up Kids

6.Kung Fu - Ash

7.Midwestern Stylings - GlassJaw

8.Remedy - Hot Water Music

9.Dressing Cold - Texas is The Reason

10.Antonio Carlos Jobin - Heatmiser

11.Seven - Sunny Day Real Estate

12.1975 - Braid

13.Boilmaker - The Jesus Lizard

14.Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World




with that in mind, I would like you guys to answer to my above question (be sure to tell me what anime/manga as well), and if so, what songs would you put on the Anime/Manga/whatever's Soundtrack?


I'm really interested of finding out what music you guys like to listen to.

and please checkout some of the music above (with an open mind, of coarse)!


See if you can give your favorite show a better soundtrack, Because I'm just about tired of the "Pokemon Rap".

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