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Naruto: The New Ninja of the Leaf


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Its 20 years after Naruto Uzumaki was Hokage, and their are some new ninja at the leaf village. Are you one of them?

Here is the Character Sheet


Gender: (Male or Female no “its”)


Kenni Genkai:


Chakra Element:

Apperence: (Picture or Text.)


Here is the Guy Character I will use:

Name: Makana ,Hiru

Gender: Male

Clan: Makana Clan

Kenni Genkai: Haragan

Village: Leaf

Chakra Element: Fire

Apperence: f_Anime299m_d02f7ad.gif


And here is the Girl Character i will use:


Name: Mishara, Kumi

Gender: Female

Clan: Mishara

Kenni Genkai: None

Village: Leaf

Chakra Element: Wind

Apperence: Anime-ninja.jpg


I will PM Your Team one i have enough people registered.

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