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Himana(new card)


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Thats spam so don't do it again -.-



Pic is a little overused, with no drawback (other than no attacking but you could still tribubte it), the "Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower WATER Monster from your Deck" could be abused.


Also, with no tributes required for this card, you could really abuse it's effect.



7.6 / 10

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wow, great card!

the pic looks exactly like a YGO card, and the effect works really well in a water deck!

the OCG looks perfect!

just one thing, im not sure if im right but i think you put "cannot" instead of "can not"

like i said, not sure...

great card!

9.5/10 (takes something i really personally love to get a 10 so nice job!)

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