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Cantstaystill's Pokemon Spriting Showcase


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Hey, I've been doing sprites for people on another forum. I wanted to see what you guys thought of them.


[spoiler=Pokemon Splices]My best, and worst, Splicing is in here.


-------------------------------------------------------------These are other evolutions of Eevee.



[spoiler=Pokemon Recolors]Simple recoloring of previous sprites.




[spoiler=Pokemon Teams]Groups of Pokemon with a trainer in there.


Sorry about the first one. I don't know why it's blurry. It is my favorite though.




I want to know whether or not to keep his head white, or to make it gold/yellow, so here is both.



Should I keep their feet the same color, or change them?

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Thanks Catman.


Good criticism Lazy Beast. I tried to use palletes from other pokemon sprites, but that might've failed. Also, most of the ununified colors are to either look like armor, or because there are way too many colors involved and I didn't have the time.

Added a new sprite. I would like opinions.

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