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Dragon Synchro Deck

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This is a deck built around some powerful dragons, and synchro monsters. I left out any spellcasters, since Arcanite is there if I manage to snag something with Goyo. All comments, and suggestions are welcome.


Monsters: 20

Krebons x2

Psychic Commander

Magna Drago x3


Blackwing Gale

Twin Headed Behemoth

Red eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x3

Red eyes Wyvern x3

Prime Material Dragon x2

Masked Dragon x3


Spells: 11

Giant Trunade

Dragon's Mirror

Allure of Darkness x2

Future Fusion

Emergency teleport

stamping destruction

Monster Reborn

Lightning Vortex

heavy storm

Smashing Ground


Trap: 9

Dark Bribe x2

Solemn Judgement x3

torrential tribute

Reckless Greed x3


Extra: 15

Goyo Guardian

Chain Dragon

Five-Headed Dragon

Black Rose Dragon

Dark Strike fighter

Exploder Dragonwing

Arcanite Magician

Blackwing Armed wing

Colossal Fighter

Trident Dragon

Stardust Dragon x2

Thought Ruler Archfiend

Ally of Justice Catastor (When I can get him)

Red Dragon Archfiend


Side: 15

X-Saber Airbellum x3

Hyper Synchron x3

White Stone x3

Blue eyes x3

Trade-in x2

Burial From a different Dimension

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Sorry' date=' E-tele engine? Also what cards would you recommend as replacements in my deck. I am considering replacing Blizzard with either counselor lily, or dark resonator.



Emergency Teleport

2-3 Krebons

Maybe Psychic Commander.

-2 Horus

+2 Prime Material Dragon

-3 Debris Dragon (You don't have any targets}

+2 Krebons

+1 Commander

-2 Synchro Boost

+1 E-Tele

+1 Future Fusion (You are not aiming for a fuse. You use it to mill cards. Activate > Select FGD > Mill 2x Wyrven, 2x Darkness and PMD > Proceed to EP > SS 2 darkness)

For this you need to put a copy of FGD in the Extra Deck.

-1 Blizzard

+1 PLague Spreader Zombie

-1 Avarice

-1 Reincarnation

+2 Allure of Darkness

And I like teching a Dragon's Mirror in every Dragon Deck. It's easy to activate (esp with Future Fusion) and gives you 5k ATK beatstick:

-1 reincarnation

+1 Dragon's Mirror

Trap line-up looks good, but I prefer BTh over Bribe (personal preference)


Edit: Forgot Card of Safe Return. Try to find room for it.

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