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Shuttle Man deck

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My own creations are the shuttle man deck:

I'll tell you the effects of these cards


Space Vortex: Field Spell: All Shuttle Man cards on the field gain an extra 500 ATK points and 500 DEF points.


Shuttle Man: Robo Dragon: A fusion of Robot Samuri and Double Dragon! It's effect lets you take a Shuttle Man card from your deck and summon it straight to the feild.


Shuttle Man: Pig Skin: It's effect lets you destroy one of your opponents cards and give it's attack points straight to Pig Skin!


Mars Rover: Allows you to summon Phobos, but you also must sacrifice monsters adding up to lvl8.


Shuttle Man: Double Dragon: It's effect is discard 1 card from the feild to summon 2 monsters from your deck or graveyard.


Fusion Comet: Field Spell: At any time your allowed to fusion any monster just by discarding any monster from the grave out play and if you wanna de-fuse any monster just discard a trap or spell card.


And the other cards



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