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My first cards.

Forgetful Angel

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The pictures are good, but some wouldn't like them. (I do ;))

The OCG is almost there. But the mistakes you made were all the right ones. As in, you used your brain and thought of words logicly, so you almost got some of them right.

I don't usually give these to first cards, but I'm gonna give you a 9/10.

These have potential of being very good cards.


OCG Corrections:


First card



Second Card

Special Summoned



Release = Tribute

card = effect


Third Card

Stand-by Phase = Standby Phase

release = Tribute



Fourth Card

defending = targeted


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some OCG erorrs but they have been pointed out by Dr{}ne' date=' so I don't need to tell you. The pics are pretty awful. The effects are Ok but a little too simple.#

Overall 5/10, not bad for your first try.



Don't be harsh, it's a newbie your talking to.


Newbies are like newborns (no offense). They need to be taught and cared for, and when they grow up to Level 4 (yay)


they end up owning your @ss in contests because you taught them to good.

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