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Tyler ex vs Yu-Gi-Oh Dude[VOTE NOW]


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Winner: 3 Reps from loser

Loser: 1 Rep from winner.


Must make a TRAP CARD and a Monster Card.(not to be related)


First to have 5 votes, wins!


My Cards:


Tribute 1 DARK monster. Check all monsters your opponent controls, your opponent's hand, and all cards they draw (until the end of your opponent's 3nd turn after this card's activation), and destroy all monsters whose ATK is lower than the Tributed card.



This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by the effect of "Call of the Haunted". This card is not destroyed by the effect of "Call of the Haunted". Once per turn, you can activate the effect of 1 face-up "Call of the Haunted". When "Call of the Haunted" is removed from the field, destroy all monsters Special Summoned by that card's effect except this card.


Yu-gi-oh Dude's Cards:



This card cannot be destroyed in battle. When this card is Tributed or destroyed by effect, Special Summon this card to your side of the field at the start of your End Phase and then show your hand to your opponent. If this card is the strongest on the field, draw 2 cards.

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