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Bionicle: Chronicles of the "Alternate World"


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Everything was once peaceful and Normal. That is until a being called Teridax who claimed he came from another Dimension appeared. Chaos began to unravel.


Will you stop this strange visitor from taking over our world? Will you help Makuta in his quest? That is your choice.








Type: (Matoran, Toa, Rahi, Dark Hunters, etc.)

Mask (Can be Name or Pic):

Weapon(s) (Name or Pic):

Appearance (Pic or Description):

Side (Good, Bad, Neutral):




[spoiler=My App]

As a Matoran:

Name: Avian

Gender: Male

Elements: Shadow

Type: Shadow Matoran

Mask: Infected Kanohi

Weapons: Pulse Bolt Generators

Appearance: Looks like Taka but Black.

Side: Neutral

Bio: Once an Av-Matoran (Matoran of Light), he came a Shadow Matoran because of a Shadow Leech but then was able to resist and carry on Normal. Several infected Rahi attacked Avian's and broke his mask. In a last-ditch effort, he took an Infected Kanohi on the ground and wore it but was able to resist Teridax's control.


As a Toa:

Name: Avian

Gender: Male

Elements: Shadow

Type: Shadow Toa

Mask: Kanohi Kraahkan (Mask of Darkness)

Weapons: Power Lace

Appearance: Looks like Takanuva but Black and wears the Kanohi Kraahkan.

Side: Neutral

Bio: (Sometime afterwards) When things seemed dull and there was no way of escape, Avian wore the Mask of Darkness and then became the Toa of Shadows. With this power, he defeated the enemies around him and escaped.


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Name: Kabunika

Gender: Female

Element: Ice

Type: (Matoran, Toa, Rahi, Dark Hunters, etc.): Toa

Mask (Can be Name or Pic): Kanohi Raaka (Mask of Truth Detection)

Weapon(s) (Name or Pic): Double-Sided Guandao (the blades of the weapon looks like the blades Lewa Nova had, except in silvery-white. They can be used as skiis)

Appearance (Pic or Description): Similar to Kopaka, except she doesn't have a black bead on her chest, doesn't have a shield and she wears the Kanohi Raaka.

Side (Good, Bad, Neutral): Good

Bio: She was originally a Matoran who was exceptionally good at skiing until she was given the Kanohi Raaka.

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I remember Bionicle! (I NEVER SAID THAT!)



Name: Boundray

Gender: Male

Element: Earth

Type: (Matoran, Toa, Rahi, Dark Hunters, etc.) Rahkshi

Mask (Can be Name or Pic): Brown version of Felnas

Weapon(s) (Name or Pic): Earthshock Drills

Appearance (Pic or Description): A grey Rahkshi with scars along it's body.

Side (Good, Bad, Neutral): Bad

Bio: Boundray never did like the good guys, why would a Rakhshi? He fights with his brain, unlike the rest of the Rahkshi

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Name: Jayakou (Pronounced High - Ack - Oo)

Gender: Male

Element: N/A.

Type: Dark Hunter.

Mask: Kanohi Crast.

Weapon: Two very large curved blades, a flame thrower and a Zamor Launcher that fires Zamor Spheres filled with a paralizing acid.

Appearance: Taller then a Toa. His body is covered in very thick armour. The armour seems to be multi-coloured and oddly shaped; this is because everytime he defeats an enemy, he melts down his opponents Kanohi then adds it to his armour. His hands are long and clawed.

Side: Nuetral. He does anything aslong as he gets paid to do it.

Bio: Originally a Matoran living on Metru Nui, he became a Toa after contact with a Toa Stone. Growing tired of the ways of the Toa, he stopped going by the Toa ways. To show that he had truly left and didn't like their ways, he removed his own Kanohi and replaced it with a Kanohi Crast; unfortunately, this mutated his body slightly, increasing it in hight, bulk and his hands became clawed. He then joined the Dark Hunters and got to where he is now.

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Type: (Matoran, Toa, Rahi, Dark Hunters, etc.)Toa

Mask (Can be Name or Pic):Mask of Light

Weapon(s) (Name or Pic):Staff of Light

Appearance (Pic or Description):



Side (Good, Bad, Neutral):Good

Bio:Used to be the Av-Matoran chronicler,but became Takanuva,the Seventh Toa nuva.Takua and his Matoran friend,Jaller took the Avohkii, Mask of Light, and traveled through Mata Nui in search of "the Seventh Toa" that it belonged to, and all the while they were stalked by Makuta's evil Rahkshi. It was on this quest that Takua discovered that his destiny was to become the Toa of Light. After Jaller sacrificed himself at the hands of Rahkshi Turahk, Takua put on the mask , revealing his true identity.

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Name Mata Nui

Gender Male

Element Life

Type Glatorian

Mask Ignika

Weapon Thornax Blater, Scarab Shield

Appearance http://biosector01.com/wiki/images/4/4f/Set_Toa_Mata_Nui.png

Side Toa/Good

Bio After being cast out of the Matoran Universe, Mata Nui wore the Ignika. When he landed on Bara Magna, the Ignika created a body and a Thornax Launcher for him. After touching the Ignika, the Scarabax Beetle, Click, gained the ability to transform between the Scarabax Shield and it's former form.

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All accepted ^_^

But probably except Untouched. Because in this Alternate Universe, The Makuta didn't exist so Mata Nui was still a Great Spirit and not trapped in a small body.


Can we use the regular Toa?


Yes, you can.


Oh, and let's start.

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I mean this is a completely different Dimension from the original Bionicle. But the Makuta from that Bionicle came to this dimension. Get it? Mata Nui was a Great Spirit in the original Bionicle but later on when revived by the Mask of Life, the Makuta slipped into his body and then Mata Nui fell onto Bara Magna and was given a body by the Mask of Life.


But this is a dimension where that doesn't happen and the Great Spirit is still the Great Spirit. And the Makuta, or should I say Makuta Nui crossed Dimensions and invaded our Dimension.

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Avian (While still an Av-Matoran) was surrouded by some Rakhshi.


Avian: Wh-What are these things?! I have never seen the likes of them before...

Rakhshi: KSHAAA!!!


Ic: Just then, a Shadow Leech appeared and went onto Avian's face.

Avian: Wh-What's thi- AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

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Boundray roars as he knew that his victim had gotten away. As he heads back, he notices everyone looking at him. He roars at them & they scuttle off.

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