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Can someone point out some OCG mistakes in this card?



Lore:When a monster you control is destroyed as a result of battle, roll a die. Determine this card's effect by the result.

1-2:Destroy the attacking monster

3-5:Negate the attack, and inflict damage to your opponent equal to the Attack of the opposing monster

6: Negate the attack and destroy all attack position monsters on the field. Increase your life points equal to the combined DEF of the destroyed monsters.

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First sentence should be:

"When a monster you control is selected as an attack target..."

roll a die = roll a six-sided die.

attack position = Attack Position

life points = Life Points


Not bad card, the image and OCG is alright, and I always liked Die Roll effects.


This is a bit overpowered though, considering there are no negative effects.


It also seems more like a Continuous Spell Card to me.



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