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[align=center]I find myself a lot of times wanting to post something but not actually post it, sort of test out post layouts and such without going into the trouble of previewing it every time. Also, I find myself c/ping my layout (if I'm using one) from post to post, and then copying something else and losing that link. Also, it's annoying to have to dig out my work spoiler to work in shops.


I think it would be useful to have a specific test forum, where each member, if wanted, could make a post where only they could post, and test out certain things like shop layouts and such, keep their work spoilers and sheets for easy copying or linking, and in general have a place to keep stuff.


Good idea, or bad?[/align]

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like DAX said,if you don't want to preview post then what difference does it make posting it then editing it?

When you preview a post you can scroll down and have the full editor.

If you actually post it,you have to click the edit button and choose quick or full.


I find it easier to scroll down than to click and click again,not to mention you have to load an extra page.


This also won't be possible unless you can find a plugin which currently seems non-existent.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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