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Guild Wars

El Beasto Perezoso

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I can't beleive I'm actually the one making this thread, but I just wanna see if anybody actually plays this besides me.


I enjoy playing it, even though I just restarted after a two year break due to my computer's suckyness.


Please no making posts just going "FAIL." This doesn't mean I don't want u posting your opinions, just please state a valid reason why you dislike the game. This is also NOT a debate of what is the best MMORPG, so don't yell at others and try to prove their statements wrong or true, just post your opinion and move on.


If you want to, fill this out:


Main character used (PvE or PvP, just for friending purposes):

Campaigns you own:

Favorite profession(s):



[spoiler=El Beasto Perezoso]

Main character - PvE: Booooosch Man (E/N)

Campaigns you own: Prophecies

Favorite profession(s): Elementalist


[spoiler=~Perfect Infinity~]

Main character used - PvP: Infinity Emporer (A/M)

Campaigns you own: Prohphecies, Factions, Nightfall and GW:EN

Favorite profession(s): Sin, Necro, and Monk



Main character used - PvE: Cunouncerun Frost (E/N)

Campaigns you own: Prophecies

Favorite profession(s): Elementalist and Necromancer



Main character used - PvE: DoomTheAwakened

Campaigns you own: The Trilogy Pack (all but GW:EN)

Favorite profession(s): Dervish and Assassin




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ZOMG there's actually another person! =)


And it's a one time purchase WoW.

First you buy either Prophecies (the original), Factions, or Nightfall for $30, $40, and $40, respectivly, and the rest is free. Once yu have one of these yu can get the others and they function as expansions, but they are actually seperate campaigns.


Nightfall however is $50, i beleive, and IS an expansion pack. U must have one of the other three before you can use this one.


GW also lacks different races sadly. But the sequal (that is currently in development) Guild Wars 2 will contain other races such as Ashura and Charr.

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My only lvl 20 RP character is MLOD (Mighty Lord of Doom... I WAS A KID GODDANG IT!). I wish you could have name changes since i'm not getting back my customized Shiro's Blades (which I got extremely cheap, for 750-ish g + 8 inscriptions which were bad, shiro is worth 18k). Oh and i'll be glad to 1 v 1 against anyone.

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lol, niiiiice. Im too lazy to get a runner, and Im doing wayyy to many quests. I just went and beat the second mission lol. I have 7K, but since I have no way of income like I did in pre (selling GotH's), that's starting to dwindle. Plus the fact I cant get GotT's lately, cause I only have proph and he's only been near the beggining once.

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