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No More Heros


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Monsters: 21

x3 Brron, Mad King of DW

x2 Goldd

x2 Sillva

x3 Sparky

x3 Tarzan

x1 Stratos

x2 Earth Hexed

x2 Light Hexed

x3 Kakki


Spells: 15

x3 Dark Calling

x2 Miracle Fusion

x3 Dark World Dealings

x2 Dark World Lightning

x1 Card Destruction

x1 Heavy

x1 Reborn

x1 MST

x1 Vortex


Traps: 5

x1 Torrental

x3 Solemn

x1 CCV


Fusions: 15

x3 Lightning Golem

x3 Shining Flare

x1 Shining Phoenix

x3 Wild Cyclone

x3 Wild Edge

x1 Dark Bright

x1 Necroid Shaman


Total: 41


feedback would be nice

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