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Medabot 2


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thancks but what the meaning of ocg

darkstar_316 wrote Since you already started reading you cant stop. My name is Kalena. I have black hair, and green eyes. I am 13. I was abused my whole life. I have no ears or nose, because my parents chopped them of with a rusty fork. I am dead. I will show up in your room in 13 days and kill you by chopping off your body parts with a rusty fork unless you repost this on 5 pages. THIS IS NO JOKE!!!! If you do, something good will happen to you within 13 days. If you don't believe this, just wait and see..."

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Please don't make too many Vanilla Cards. I'll fix some cards for you. Make change Medabot to Machine-Type



Lore: Your opponent loses 1000 Life Points when this card is on the field.



Lore: If "Nin-Ninja" is attacked, "Nin-Ninja" and "Deseaper" cannot attack on your next turn.

(If you use this effect ^^^ Increase his ATK)



Lore: Once per turn, you gain 500 Life Points when this card is in the Graveyard.


Phantom Rengrade Stole

This card is treated as "You stole a Medabot Medal". Your Opponent cannot Summon a Medabot-Type (Change to Machine) monster for 3 turns.

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If you don't know something check the tutorial section I didn't know what OCG meant either when I got here, but I at least knew how to make a good card effect/description. its not just bad OCG but it's terrible grammar.


OCG is how you write the effect of a effect monster, or what ever you put in the description box.

Lore is a lame way of saying "effect".

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