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My 1st Sigs in PS


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Yeah, colour doesn't suit the first tag. You have too much lighting behind him anyway, so you can't see anything on the left anyway.


The right side's really broken. It looks like a C4D pasted ontop of a tiled washroom wall.


And your space siggy has incorrect lighting. The person has light from his left, while the light source is from behind him. It's wrong.


Having a striped effect on the left does not mix with the shard effect on the right.

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Not bad for your first few.


But the colors don't blend, I see no flow, and the only thing I feel like you did was just add C4Ds and change their opacity. Then added some lighting effects, and you called yourself done.


You should be able to experiment a bit more, so they don't look so plain. For the space one, it's not plain, but that's only because the original picture was like that. Am I right?


They are resonable, but nothing so special [no kidding, it's your first few sigs].


I beleive you can become better with experimentation and add more flow and effects into the sigs so they aren't so plain. Find a few tuts, get into a style of art, and I'm sure your motivation to create more will rise.


Hoping to see you improve~

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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