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Europe 1528: A Collaborative Play

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Write a collaborative play set in Europe 1528. Assuming that Superman has already been introduced, this might be a sample post:


{{Sigismund I: The current King of Poland.}}


{Sigismund I enters}

Sigismund I: Says words!

{Sigismund I does something}

Superman: Says words!

Sigismund I: Egad, it's Superman!

{Superman does something}


Please do your best not to introduce new characters and make this interesting. Each post should be between 5 and 15 lines.


/Introducing the Kings/

{{Sigismund I: The current King of Poland.}}

{{François I: The current King of France.}}

{{Henry VIII: The current King of England.}}

{{Charles V: The current Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain.}}

{{Ferdinand I: The current King of Hungary and Bohemia.}}

{{Suleiman the Magnificent: The currant Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.}}

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