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Demon pack №2


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Also check my first pack=) http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-143194.html


You and your opponents must send your hands to the your Graveyards. Then you and your opponents select 3 cards from opponents Decks and Draw 2 Cards from owns Decks. Each LIGHT monsters in your and opponents hands and Graveyards must be removed from play. You and your receive 200 Life Points for each their owns removed card.


You can Equip 1 of your opponent controls or you control monster with this card. Icrease ATK of Equiped monster by 2500. Equiped monster become a DARK, Fiend-Type, Monster Effect "The owners cant draw cards as long as this cards under treir control but owners can pay 1200 Life Points in order to Draw 1 Card. Owners must pay 500 Life Points in order to allow this moster to attack. You cant Tribute this monster."


Curse Of Demons is an succubus and high demon Spell. This Spell Card negate each a 1-9 Level monsters original Monster Effects Fiend and add to each fake Monsters Effects:

A 1-4 Level monsters "When ever this Monster Card destroy your opponent controls monster by battle, this card increase his ATK by 400."

A 5-6 Level monsters "This Monster Card increase his ATK by 50 for every 200 Life Points your opponents lose"

A 7-8 Level monsters "When ever this Monster Card destroy your opponent controls monster by battle, your opponents must sen 1 Card to treir Graveyard."

A 9 Level monsters "When ever this Monster Card destroyed by battle result, Trap Card Effect, Spell Card Effect or Monster Card Effect this Monster Card return to your hand."

Also Curse Of Demons negate Special Summon, each monster must be Normal Summon or Summoned by Spell Card Effect.

Curse of Demons dont work on Fien-Type monsters.


This Monster Card can only be Ritual Summoned by Call Azrael. When High Demon Azrael come to play each monster lose 500 ATK and DEF. Every turn during your Stable Phase you can Draw 1 high demon Spell Card from your Deck.


This Ritual Card can Ritual Summon High Demon Azrael. In order to use this card you must send 2 DARK cards and 8 cards from Top of your Deck to the Graveyard.


When ever your opponents play Spell Card or Trap Card you can rotate Effect of this card by sending 2 cards from your hand to the Graveyard.

All monsters = 1 target

Destroy = Summon

Negate = Double

Increase = Decrease


1 Blood Demon + 1 Blood Succubus

When ever your opponents lose Life Points, High Demon Razar increse his ATK by 250.

If opponents lose 2000 or more Life Points in 1 turn you can Draw 1 High Demon Spell Card from your Deck.


Blood Moon is an High Demon Spell. When ever you control or your opponent controls monster destroyed by battle another monster this Monster Card icrease ATK by 400. No Effect on LIGHT monsters.


Flip: Look on the top card of opponent Deck if its an Spell Card draw it to your hand if not your opponents instasly draw this card.


want comments)

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General OCG cleaning=) if there are steal exist few error please comment it=)


Ragnarok1945... Example: opponent play skull dice "decrease ATK of each your opponent controls moster by dice roll x100"

With this trap card it will become "increase ATK of 1 selected your opponent controls moster by dice roll x100"

Example: Mirror Force "I belive you know effect?"

...will become something like this "allow your opponents to Summon 1 Monster Card"

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