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[-Preview] The Slumberstone Chronicles. Worth continuing?


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[align=center]“Let the fire burn and let them suffer!” they cackled in the mists, my eyes growing watery from the stinging smoke. “Crackling timbers, flames a-roaring, let this moony night be the end of these few!” they chimed, in an almost identical tone. It wasn’t often we had to deal with witches, and when we did, it was rare that they were users of moon-magic. Regardless, both I and my partner stood up, both raising out identical staves, the small, silver blade clicking out and launching into the air, glimmering in the moonlight.


They turned to us, and naturally, most men would’ve dropped their weapons right there; witches weren’t the hideous creatures found in fairytales and storybooks. No, they were always women, we knew that, but beautiful was a sure understatement. You’ll never find a woman with as much of beauty as a witch; as soon as she got you in her power because of it, you’ll just be a shell to do ‘er bidding. Normally it’s sex, to bring on the kind, and that’s why they appear as they do; without that ability, the witches would’ve died long ago.


One of ‘em was staring right at me; her eyes beautiful rubies in lunar white pools, her nose petite and sculptured by heaven’s greatest artist, her ears, pointed as with all witches, and her small mouth, curved into a malicious smile. They knew what we were, that’s for sure, as everything of the Dark did. Most of ‘em feared us, but some of ‘em just laughed. Looks we had us a couple of laughers.


When she opened her mouth, whatever came out was almost like the most beautiful sonnet. To our ears, anyway; anything else would be fleeing as fast as they could. It’s what we called the Witch’s Scream – to any human ear, it sounds like a melody of tranquillity and peace, but to any other creature excluding themselves it sounds like a bird having a squawking fit, from what I've been told by Lini.




Possible new story; rates?[/align]

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