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Dark Hero


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OK this card I made it to be OP, So help me to make it more OP if you can.

Please feel free to comment and rate....



And the effect is ::::: (((([ This card can only be special summon from your hand by removing 30 cards from your Graveyard. Ignore all effects that targets this card or its effects. Decrease the ATK and DEF of all of the opponent monsters to half. When this card battles against an opponent monster decrease the ATK and DEF of that monster by 3000 points. As long as this card remains face up at you side of the field you cannot draw any card at you draw phase. Each turn place 5 spell counter on this card. You can remove any number of spell counter to take a number of cards from your removed cards to your hand equal to the number of the spell counter that were removed. This card gain 2500 ATK and DEF points for every spell counter that is placed on this card. ]))))


Hope you like it

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