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5 Demon cards.


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BAD CARDS=((( sorry I will change them soon


Break will is an succubus spell. You must control 3 or more succubus to play this card. Opponent must remove from play 1 card from his hand for every succubus you control. If opponent cant do it inflict 1000 damage to his life points.


Dragon Break Will is an succubus spell(no matter that its a trap). To play this card you must control at least 1 succubus. When ever any dragon your opponent control with less stars then stronger succubus you control(max 8 stars) atack your succubus you can activate this trap and take cotrol under that dragon. Dragon will become eternal slave of your succubus what mean opponent cant return control under this dragon even if he destroy him and special summon from graveyard.


Greatest Fear is an High Demon spell. Return all your opponent control monsters without Machine type to opponent hand. Skip 1 battle phase.


Select any monster with 6 or less stars. Selected monster will totaly change to:

1. Woman moster will become Lesser Succubus.

2. 1-2 stars monsters will become Mini Devil.

3. All other monsters will become Lesser Demon.

Also pick this card to your hand. If opponent destroy this spell monster will return to opponent control.


Lesser Demon can summon another Lesser Demon by drain 500 Life Points from you(max 2 demons per turn).

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