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Magnix-the Inferno Dragon


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Pic is Way Overused

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Monster.Then a space

Please make Frostbite and Staxx.

ATK is 2800. High much.


Scanario: Presuming Frostbite and Staxx have 2800 ATK.

Frostbite is on the feild. I Syncrho summon Magnix. Now I have 2 2800 ATK monsters are on the feild.Thanks to that effect I can summon Staxx. 3 Monsters with 2800 ATK points.That's is a Mini-swarm.A swarm of way High ATK OTK is almost certain with this card.


Sorry but it is way OP. It has no drawback and Its ATK is way high for a Effect monster.



I STG if anybody says they Totally agree withe Raven they will be NEGGED.Think of your own comments!

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