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Their Is No Hope For Blue-Eyes.....

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[align=center]I am the worst player here.



Monster = 22


Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon [003]

Blue-Eyes [003]

Dark Horus [003]

DAD [001]

Chaos Sorcerer [001]

Masked Dragon [002

Magna Drago [002]

Red Eyes Wyvern [002]

Grepher [002]

ryko [001]

Phantom of Chaos [001]

Plaguespreader Zombie [001]


Spells = 14


Allure [002]

Trade-In [003]

Foolish Burial [002]

Dragon's Mirror [002]

Monster Reborn [001]

Heavy Storm [001]

Giant Trunade [001]

Future Fusion [001]

Card of Safe Return [001]


Traps = 5


RftDD [001]

Torrential Tribute [001]

Solemn Judgment [003][/align]

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Seems more of a Hopeless Dragon build than Blue-Eyes' date=' but if that's what you're going for then...


I assume you saw the build I posted in an earlier Blue-Eyes thread? That's more BEWD focused than this.



This is hopeless blue-eyes not BEWD.


Thought so. Then I really don't see anything wrong. Maybe find room for Return from the Different Dimension?

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