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Megaman Battle Network Set


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awesome cards, now I got some ideas


Numberman: When this monster is attack roll a dice and apply the approiet effect

1, destroy the attacking monster

2, increase the monsters ATK by 400

3, Halve the monster's attack

4, draw a card

5, decrease the monsters ATK by 400

6, Destroy number man


Effects sbject to change


Get ability program: Equip only Bass (or bass cards) When the monster destroys a monster, increase it's ATK and DEF equal to half of the attack of the destroyed monster


I have more, I just choose not the send them

oh and word of advice, for tiny effect, put the card lore below the card, so we can know what it says

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make more cards and more people will view, I had to work my way up myself, I found my niche, and it was making my Internet cards

if you need ideas, PM me, in fact I was planning on making these, but since you already made em, I guess I will be stuck with helping you make them the best of the best

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