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Where is the line drawn?



Hi, my name's Yackcih And I'm new to both the game of Yu-gi-oh and the card maker. this probably makes me unqualified to use the card maker, but it's so darn fun!:D

I've been making sets of cards based on pop culture. I am male, an my female friend and I decided it would be fun if I made a set of cards based on women that looked attractive to me and she made a set based on men that looked attractive to her. then we could duel and have a battle of the sexes.

The point is, She never got her set finished and but I'm really close. Being new to Yu-gi-oh I would like to post the cards so that you geniuses correct my asinine mistakes and help me balance the cards, which are a mess (some are too weak and some are to strong).

The problem is the pictures of the women on the cards.

No, their not porn. I would never be that perverted. but the women do wear rather immodest attire... bikinis and such things of this nature. Is this allowed? Or if I post the cards will I get banned or receive a warning?

Please tell me? Where is the line drawn?

Yours truly, Yackcih

P.S. I'm almost done with a set of cards based on Starcraft, too, so keep an eye out for that.

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Thanks for your advice and giving me rep, guys, as well as for not yelling at me for my being an ignoramus (that word may sound like an adjective, but it's a noun. look it up if you don't believe me). I'm almost ready to post them, so keep an eye out. The Starcraft ones could be a while, though.

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Thanks, Ovechkin. Um, I know it sounds paranoid, but I think I should wait for moderator approval first. Is there a way to attract them to a particular thread? not only am I a noob in the maker and the actual game, but I'm at this forum business too (I've only ever been on one before this and it was a lot different...)

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