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Academia Abyssus [Not started; Accepting]


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Academia Abyssus-Welcome ta ‘ell, mate!


Congratulations and salutations to your acceptance to Academia Abyssus, otherwise known as Hell’s Academy. Hey, don’t give me that look! I’m not insane despite the fact that the underworld is way too similar to Earth! Yeah! You’re all dead! Either by accident or even due to being selected by our very own principal, the Headmistress of this wonderful hellhole, the Daughter of Lucifer himself, Luu DeSeras! By the way, if you refuse to go to Hell and receive your very own demonic status, you go to the real Hell! And that also applies if you fail the initiation exam. See? No pressure! With our ‘unique’ system of combining life-threatening situations with everyday classes, you’ll all become full-fledged demons. Unless of course you fail in your classes. Then you go to Hell’s Fiery Pits. But don’t worry, with your hypothesized talent, you’ll surely succeed!


Plot: After the mysterious disappearance of thirty teens from the sleepy little town of Chambralain, the police had found no evidence whatsoever in what they believe to be a mass kidnapping case, despite the fact that no ransom notes have been reported. Now three years of the nothingness that is death later, the thirty teens find themselves in an alternate world, way too similar to their own. The world’s name is Hell and they have just been chosen to be the newest batch of students for Academia Abyssus, trained to fill in the spot of the next warriors of Lucifer. Through the course of this RP, they shall face hardships (everyday), romance (more like lust), fillers (hell yeah), and epic fights in class (unless you’re weak). And since graduation is centuries off, everyone will have lots of time to master impossibly hard Ultimate Spells! And there might even be some Heavenly Intervention! Wars against angels! Conspiracies against the Hellish Throne! Worlds Domination! Even Repetitive Suicide! Seriously, that is possible.


Setting: Academia Abyssus is set in the middle of a ten kilometer desert, with border of the desert being composed of several high-rise buildings of the modern style. Why is such an infamously prestigious academy set in the middle of a desert? So the teachers can manipulate the setting to suit any battle simulation. The sun and the moon are also in a never-ending solar eclipse, which is also controlled by the teachers for either daytime or nighttime battles. The building itself is a huge H-shaped complex constructed out of all different kinds of unbreakable glass. The dorms are separated by rank, which can be changed depending on how powerful someone is, and shaped like skyscrapers. At the very top are the Lessers, who are crammed on the last few levels and treated with horrible conditions. Don’t worry, you aren’t a Lesser unless you suck horribly. In the middle half of the skyscraper dormitories are the Bases, who live in conditions similar to that of a normal apartment building. Most students start off as that. At the very bottom, the undisputed geniuses of the Abyssus, are the Knights, the future Horseriders of the Apocalypse. There will always be four and to gain the status of one, you must duel one of them to the death. As your strength increases, you’ll be moved to the lower levels. It’ll also be easier for you to get to class that way. Furthermore, because you’re already dead, you don’t need to shower, which is why there aren’t any toiletries in the Academy. The classrooms are constantly shifted to new locations and it is part of a student’s responsibility to find the location in the five minute time span. You have a constantly updated map, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Just an everyday ten hundred meter dash to avoid detention.



1. No auto-hitting.

2. Keep your characters realistic! They’ll grow stronger later so no need to make them strong now! In other words, no jutsu-using ninjas, sport prodigies, six year old murderers, and genius’ who can deduce the identity of a criminal in the time it takes someone to say ‘oh.’

3. Advanced Clasue is applied here... So, Too ***king bad other peoples.

4. No bunnying or face three days of GM wrath (at least). Or maybe you’ll just be kicked out.

5. Don’t kill PCs unless you get their permission.

6. Please don’t god-mod.


Character Sheet


Age: (13-18 )

Gender: (No gender is also possible)

Rank: (I’ll assign you one after the initiation test.)

Appearance: (Picture or four sentence description.)

Personality: (At least three sentences.)

Bio: (Not Optional)

Fear and Weakness: At least one for each.

Ability: (Just a basic explanation of what your character can do in the beginning. It’ll evolve later and the weaker it is starting, the higher its potential for evolving is.)


My App will be posted soon...

So have fun people! And start plotting twisted characters!

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Name: Lindsay Lucifer

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Rank: I'll wait for the test first.

Appearance: Lindsay is usually seen with purple hair. She also has purple eyes and fair skin. She tends to wear a black tank-top with a red hourglass-shape marking on it. Her black skirt and black cape have a similiar marking.

Personality: She tends to wink at boys as she is the flirty type. She is also serious at times, but is also clumsy. She also has a heart of gold, but always has an aggresive look on her face.

Bio: Despite her personality, everyone loves her, and no one hates her. Her interest is Chemistry and Biology.

Fear and Weakness: Her fear is mercury, her weakness is being bugged for 5 hours.

Ability: She can seperate elements (For e.g. She change change Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, Or dry ice into diamonds, graphite and oxygen, and much more.), and can also control PURE elements (e.g. Not water, but Hydrogen and Oxygen and many others.)


If only one ability is allowed, I'll choose the first one.

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