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Death Note: The Return Of Kira [only 3 Notebook holder left {PG-13}]


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[align=center]10 years after Light Yagami's death. The world has forgoten all about Kira or the things he did. Kira's example was forgoten.Criminal's run free, doing as they please. Killing, stealing, raping women, forging ID's, dealing drugs, you name it they do it. The world is a dangerous place. Time to make a difference. You play the role of either a notebook holder or te detective trying to catch Kira (AKA: L). Your objective is to find out the names of the other people and kill or arrest them.[/center]



[align=center]There are only 3 notebook holders. As there are only 3 shinigami: Ryuk, the pig faced shinigami with the stitched on neck and black fur and Light's old partner. Sidoh, the dome headed cloak wearing mummy like shinigami with the vertical mouth. And Cosine, the crystal backed gem eyed shinigami with the gold teeth. If you are the holder of a Death Note, you can only choose out of these 3.[/center]


[align=center] The standard rules aply. For notebook holders, all you need to do is fnd out the name the detective's, write thier names in your Death Note, wait 40 seconds, and the detective is gone. Howeve, as it would be too easy to switch eyes with your shinigami and learn all the vital information you need to know, that rule will be forbbiden. Furher more, if you die you die. No coming back. Exept for me of course, but if I die I will just watch over the page. Also, if you kill someone in te RP using the Death Note, ou ust write the name and caus of deat as a post. For example:


Joey Wheeler

Cause of death: Hit by car while crossing the street to Yugi's house.


In order to kill someone though, you have to have seen thier characters face. That way there won't be like 50 Joey Wheelers geting hit by cars on the wayto Yugi's house. Also if you leave the cause of death blank, the person will die of aheart attack.[/align]


[align=center]Character apps should look like this:


Code (Stuff like Kira or something):




Shinigami (only if you have a Death Note):

Appearance (Must be typed):

Bio (Include stuff like thier love life and whre tey stand in soceity:[/align]


You should mak them look something like this:


Code: Senel

Name: Uknown. Starts with S

Age: Around 18 or 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Silver hair, and blue eyes.He usually has heavy bags under them as a result of lack of sleep from trying to find Kira. He wears a baggy white T-shirt, and baggy blue denim jeans with chains on his belt loops.

Bio: Uknown. All who knew have perished.


Other than that, have fun and learn some stuff. ;D

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