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Kinda counter fairy's (updated)

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Befor your simply put fail, Im just posting what I have so far dont suggest cards that cost a hundred dollers and this is not strickly counter fairys just slightly. I like counter traps and I like fairys, so thats why it is what it is. Suggestions please! Kinda just want to know what I can do with what I have. Suggest cards and I will say if I have them or not.


This is for hobby battles not tournys.



LV 5 and up

Vanitys ruler

Athena x2

majestic mech-goryu


LV 4 and below

Asura priest

Nova summoner

Nurse reficule the fallen one

Shining Angel x2


kaiser sea horse



Harvest angel of wisdom



psychic commander

dark valkyria


rai mei



celestial transformation


Giant trunade

Valhalla hall of the fallen

monster reborn



Bottomless trap hole x2

Divine wraith x3

black horn of heaven

dust tornado

negate attack




Magical andriod

Psychic lifetrancer

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If you aren't following the ban list, the topic should really go in the 'traditional' sub-forum, since that follows a more relaxed ban-list anyway.


Since this is IRL, it's hard for me to help the Deck, I don't know what cards you do/don't have or have access to. If you are going to build a counter-fairy Deck, and have access to enough cash to buy the cards you need, get some things such as three Bountiful Artemis and three Sage of the Sky (or whatever it was called)


(I play DMU and am not very good at card costs, so sorry if I ever recommend something which is more expensive than I thought.)

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lemme go dig up mine.



i cant find a build for fairies that i have thats cheap, or in english.

needs a lot of cards that arent out yet.


lets see:


you will probably want:

splendid venus

vanity's ruler


honest (duh)

and probably guardian of order.



valhallas, which means probably one hecatrice.

gellenduos, for those big fairies.

a marshmallon

i find mudora to be useless. he doesnt get big fast enough.


harvest is alright for beatdown, even if you arent heavy counter.

artemis is.. alright.

i wouldnt recommend voltanis unless youre going heavy with the counter traps, at least 9, and the 9 staples at that.

ruler will help the lockdown, which keeps you in control.

from there, just get some thunder kings, and maybe another beater or two.


the key you want though, is tethys.

2 or 3 of em.

with at least 15-18 fairies backing it.



but son, you picked the wrong funking build for this.

fairies are /not/ cheap.

and counter fairies are awful.

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