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My first RP here.


Plot: It is the year 2050. The ability of technology and research has grown fifteen times since 2010, along with different life changing possibilities.

An extraordinary inventor from Chicago named Jorgan McHolmes had discovered and created one of these 'possibilities'. With extremely carefully used time and enough brainpower, wit and IQ he was able to do the impossible: clone Earth into the solar system. This would also include air, gravity and everything else that surrounds Earth.

After making his big announcement, people all around the world came to see him make a simple speech about how he was able to do something this incredibly inhuman. During his speech, he announces that he will at random be choosing people all around the world to experience the life that is planet Clone. These people will be zapped to the cloned Earth that McHolmes had created and will live there for exactly four months during the Spring season. If they all survive, then population over world will be saved. If they don't then the bodies will be buried along with the planet.

You are one of the Chosen to experience planet Clone. Your journey begins as you land in your new home. What will happen?

Nobody knows.


Please note that NPC's do NOT exist in the planet Clone.





Age (Between 13 and 65, please):

Appearance (Pics are fine):


Why You're Here (Why you accepted to be a cloned Earth tester):





[spoiler=My App:]

Sex: Female

Name: Ashera Drordan

Age: 16



Bio: Living in a self absorbed family for her whole life, Ashera was just laid back and liked to listen to music. She developed a sort of gangster style while still maintaining her reputation as a nice person. As she continued through to high school, she got teased for her hobbies and at home she was ignored and alone. She just couldn't wait for something EXCITING to happen in her life. Something... extraordinary. And it does.

Why You're Here: The tables had finally turned in her luck and she was about to dig into something exciting and impossible. She couldn't let the opportunity slip away! She sent back her reply ASAP.

Other: N/A


[spoiler=Accepted Apps]

Darisper - Ashera Drordan

Finale Shot - Michael Worthy

:.Untouched.: - Ukitake, Jin

Lord JZ of the Enigma - Joseph S. Cruz


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Sex: Male

Name: Michael Worthy

Age: 16

Appearance: 089.jpg

Bio: His father left when he was five so he lived with a family constantly in debt. He's had to work his whole life as the eldest sibling to try and keep food on the table. He has one brother and one sister. He always keeps a picture of his family in his pocket.

Why You're Here: They promised to pay off all his family's debts and send them money once a month.

Other: N/A

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Name Ukitake, Jin

Sex Male

Age 28

Appearance Ukitake is a tall man who suffers from Tuberculosis. This causes him to frequently have a sickly appearance and is what causes his pale complexion and white hair.


11 years ago he wore his hair in a long ponytail. Currently, his hair is worn long, cascading down his back almost reaching his waist. He wears it parted on the left side with one long piece that tends to fall over his right eye. His eyes are a hazel/brown color. Ukitake wears the common Shinigami uniform with a long sleeved captain's haori, with a crimson lining.

Bio Ukitake is well-respected and highly honorable, and always treats those around him with respect, even those who are younger or not as highly ranked (In Society) as he is. As a result, he can be easily approached by other people who seek favors or advice from him. Due to his high moral code, Ukitake will never let any harm come to either his underlings or those who attempt to protect them. He refuses to give up when he believes something is wrong and will break a rule to do what is right.

Why You're Here To relax and Unwind (With his Tuberculosis, he like to just relax)

Other His favorite food is ohagi. In his free time he feeds the carps in the lake of Ugendō's garden and also trims the bonsai there, despite lacking the artistic sense necessary for the latter.

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Name:Joseph S. Cruz




Bio:A lonely outcast type kid, no matter what he did at school, or any form of accomplishment he had ever done always seemed to pale in insignificance to someone, smarter,Stronger, or better looking. He gave up on a social life early on his 16th birthday and hasn't really been a social person for over a year.

Why You're Here:He's sick of life,but he wants to prove to his younger siblings that even a useless slob like him can do something with his life.And maybe make his parents proud for once.

Other:He's actually a pretty good cook, though he's not proud of it.

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