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Super Power High School (Acept through post)


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My first non-Yugioh RP! I hope you enjoy!


The government has created a school for people with superpowers. Anyone outside there with superpowers during lessons will be shot. So make your day here!










Super Powers:


[spoiler=My app:]

Name: Draco B. Widow

Age: 14

Appearence: With a black cape that has a red marking, green hair and blue eyes.

Gender: Female

Bio: Unknown

Others: She can change into a Dragon.

Crush: None yet.

Superpower: Shapeshifting, Ability to summon Internet Memes and Invertebrates, also can seperate elements(For e.g. She can change water into Oxygen and Hydrogen) and control 'em





Classroom 1 - Draco, Matt, Josep, Vans

Classroom 2 -

Classroom 3

Classroom 4

Classroom 5



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Name: Matt Tucker

Age: 14

Appearence: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes with a sporty / medium body build

Gender: Male

Bio: As a young child he discovered his power when he was being robbed and beaten up by some thugs for his mobile he used his power to drain the battery and project the electricity at the thugs, the only problem it was recorded on a CCTV camera and after he faced many years in therapy. He convinced the therapist and his family that his power was gone and started to live a normal life until one day while swimming in a lake he used a power from a light on the edge of the lake accedently killing many fish and killing one man fishing with a metal rod. He still lives with regret even though it was a mistake and didn't mean to use his power. Following the two incidents he was invited to go to the super power high school and now learns to control his powers



Super Powers: can drain any electrical equipment and use the electricity by projecting it at people which can wound or even kill

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Aw, you took my favorite mythical animal Victa.


Name:Josep Sai de Drago




Bio:Born in the plains of the Aztec Ruins, he was thought to be an incarnation of the Dragon God Quetzacoatel, he hated the attention and wanted a more reasonable explanation for his power, one day he was captured and brought to the academy by force. though he feels he has made progress in controlling his powers.

Others:He really wants to learn more about the culture of people outside the village.


Super Powers:he can control the four main elements to various degrees

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before you ask i know its not a power but is still power-ish

Name: Vans ryo

Age: 16

Appearence: will fine soon its hard

Gender: M

Bio: While living out on the streets he cared for his little brother and he found away to cure his own disease at the same time as finding a home a man called lictus let him in and told him that he will cure him. Lictus was a vampire and vans had an inoperable disease which left his hearing and vision stunned. Lictus passed on his powers to Van and killed himself and his brother. Once Vans awoke his vison was perfect and his hearing was 100X better but a note next to him revealed all. He decided to protect the city he lived in at night and during the day cure his own diease which he didi to an extent he made light bearable and his skin grew pailer as he made the sun become more bearable. As the super power high came into affect he descided to become enlisted to become safer

Others: A hearthrobb that bullies nerd and geeks alikebut can hold his own against anyone,Hates Fire

Crush: N/A but will get one

Super Powers:Vampirism

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Why everyone above me, all 3 accepted!


We can start!


It's your first year here!


"Welcome to the school!" Chancellor Joltasworth said,"This school is to keep you guys safe from the outside world, and vice versa. No using your special powers in the outside world. And By the way, People of different age may be in same class, so enjoy!"


And so forth...


Soon it was recess... STRAIGHT AFTER ASSEMBLY!


"Who wants to fight?" said Draco, ready to spread her wings to change into what I like to call a Half-Dragon.

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Draco used her special attack, She summoned all Baidu 10 Mythical Creatures (Check Internet if you're over 13) to charge at Vans. She then used an attack which involves changing the state of matter....


Liquid Nitrogen was hurled from Draco's mouth, aiming at Vans...

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2 of the Baidu 10 started to stand and strike, the Alpacca and the Squid. Soon, the Crab, Silkworm and Butterfly joined in. The other five just stood there.


Draco's cape turned into her wings at the blink of an eye. She then said, "You liekz Mudkipz?" Then Mudkips that are blue came out of the blue (Had to say that) They used Ice beam on Vans. Draco then flapped her wings and flew up, charging a ball of liquid Nitrogen in her hand...


She then thought, "Weakness, fire. That's it!" Suddenly the Trogdor (Check Internet) song came out of the blue. There it was, she summoned Trogdor the One-armed Burninator. It burninated Vans. But he was still TROGDOR! Yup.


OoC: These Internet Memes are specially designed to not be effected by Jinzo!

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this reminds me of something...

Name: Nicholas Hawk

Age: ????

Appearence: 871106175.jpg

Gender: Male

Bio: He was created at the cataclismic that destroyed stonehenge. Searching for a purpose he decided to watch over ancient England as its protector. Eventually he decided to find a new area to protect and spent the month slowly floating over the ocean until he reached north america and settled there. When the goverment decided to create the school he went there to learn how to control his unearthly powers.

Others: 2 things. 1: he never takes off his cloak. 2: the scythe stays by his side.

Crush: no-one, never has, never will.

Super Powers: Fade in and out of view and detection. Transmutation(turn water into fire, etc...). creates mystic sigils that have different effects. Can summon the monsters from mankinds deepest nightmares.

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OoC: Accepted, exowolf.


"Haha, you can't defeat a lil' girl? Then you can't defeat Rick Astley! Liquid Nitrogen blast!"


Draco changed her form from a lass to a Black Dragon with a red hourglass-like marking on it. She then summoned Rick Astley.


"Rickroll attack!" shouted Draco.


"Never wanna give you up..." Rick Astley continued to Rickroll Vans... No one could defeat Draco as long as Rick was on her side. Draco shot a ball of spider web from her big mouth, targeting Vans...


OoC: Draco's a girl.


"Before you leave, why not chill..." said Draco as she also launched Liquid Nitrogen from her mouth at Vans. The Mudkips then used Ice Beam on Vans too. Trogdor then launched its Fireball, targeted at Vans...

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Meanwhile, at the Chancellor's office...

"Paging for Nicholas Hawk and Draco B. Widow. This is nothing serious, but come to my office now."


That, alright, is to decide which class Nicholas has to go. It is a battle, but the two players must use summoned beings, not themselves, unless they want to counter. No targeting the opponent, only the summoned being.


When they reached there (Tell me if Nicholas came), Chancellor Joltasworth spoke.


"Draco you summon your deadly being first."


"Alright," she smirked,"I summon your greatest nightmare, Rick Astley!"

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