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Machinima Assisstance Please?

End Of The Abyss

Which plot do I use?  

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  1. 1. Which plot do I use?

    • Plot A
    • Plot B

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Okay. I'm kind of split between two storylines/plots. They were both good ideas, but I need some help. The poll has two options--Plot A and Plot B. Here is what they are.


Plot A

Fox is a regular at the local dojo. He goes one day to learn his Sensei has been kidnapped. He recieves a video message from her captor, demanding ransom. He sets off on a journey to save his Sensei and stop her captor.


Plot B

Heroes have become successful and saved the Brawl world. They have created a new government, which they now run. It began as a democracy, but now seems to be tyranny, as they've become overprotective for their world. Now, a group of underground operatives known as "The Dark" has become a rebellion to stop the Tyrant Heroes.


Please vote on the poll so I can begin production.

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