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It's Easy to Make......It's Cheap......and what do you know? It Works!


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This is my IRL Turbo Assualt Deck, it cost around $65 to make and the stuff is easy to find


Monsters: 25

x3 SD Assualt Mode

x3 Junk Synchron

x3 Hyper Synchron

x1 Breaker

x3 Speed Warrior

x3 Assualt Mercenary

x3 Assualt Beast

x3 Tuningware

x3 Quillbolt


Spells: 10

x3 Assualt Teleport

x1 Reborn

x2 Synchro Boost

x1 Heavy

x1 Vortex

x1 MST

x1 SBW


Traps: 7

x3 Assualt Mode Activate

x3 Trap Stun

x1 Scarecrow


Total: 42


Synchros: 15

x3 Stardust

x3 Junk Warrior

x9 Mix it up a bit


i know it seems a bit monster heavy, but i took 1st at the past 4 locals with this, and i took 2nd in regionals as well so i think it's been play tested enough to say it's decent


all comments (except n00bish ones) are welcome

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4 star tuner, 1600 atk, 800 def


if this card os semt to the Graveyard for the synchro summon of a dragon typer monster that monsters gains 800 atk points. The you have to remove it from play during the end phase.


it's for an easy Stardust, but i never use it unless i have Assualt Mode Activate facedown. The i use that, activate AMA and break out SD Assualt Mode

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