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All my cards.


Do you like my cards?  

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  1. 1. Do you like my cards?

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Doomflowers and Laughter are pictures that come with the comp.

Your Syncro monster Doesn't make sense.

MAJOR Ocg Errors


You're creative' date=' I'll give you that. :)



What about all my other cards?

I bet you didn't even read the effect.

Their effects are extremely good.

Then when I made the other cards I didn't know how to

put the pictures on.you haven't even made any cards.

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You've got potential. Original effects are good (and in short supply among new members)' date=' but they also need to make sense. You've got major OCG errors. Read OCG thread and find some better pictures, then try again. You probably don't want to see my rating.



I just started yesterday

And the idea are on the top of my head.I put out another post if you can


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