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Okay, I guess after a while of seeing a bunch of others create thier own custom cards, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. Hopefully, I've done well enough that the cards I've made are at least decent. I'll add more as I make them, so... *Shrug* To those who like my work for some reason will at least have a purpose for checking back here occasionally. Reviews would be appreciated.


First Set: Legacy of Mega 1 (A Megaman Theme set that focuses mainly on introducing the main character/monster cards of this series of sets. Most of them are Earth Type, as I can't really think of any other type that fits.)




(*)-017[Roll]'s Effect Text: When this monster is in play, the following cards get the corresponding effects each turn that Roll is not Attacked:

*Megaman (Original): During your main phase, you may place one "Charge" counter on Megaman (Original). During the battle phase, you may remove any number of charge counters to increase Megaman (Original)'s attack by 1000 per counter. Megaman (Original) may not attack during your next turn

*Protoman: Increase this monster's attack by 700. When Protoman destroys a defense position monster controlled by your opponent, inflict the difference as damage to your opponent's life points.

*Bass: THis monster may attack once for every monster your opponent controls.

If Megaman (Original), Protoman, and Bass are all in play under your control, this monster cannot be destroyed as a result of Battle. (Damage calculation is still applied.)


More to come.... Eventually.

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