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Skippy_Canoe VS. 740kt | DONE, SKIPPY_CANOE WINS!

Skippy Canoe

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The theme of this 1 on 1 is Female Psychics and Spellcasters. The rules:

-The card must look female.

-The card must be Psychic-Type or Spellcaster-Type.

-The card must have an effect.

-The loser gives the winner 3 reps.

-The first person to five votes wins.


I still need a challenger, so post your entry below to challenge me. Good luck! :)







Every time a link is added to a chain, add 1 Spell Counter to this card. This card gains 600 ATK and DEF for every Spell Counter on it. Once per turn, during your Main Phase 2, remove any amount of Spell Counters to inflict damage to your opponent equal to 500X the amount of removed Spell Counters, or destroy cards on your opponent's field equal to the amount of removed Spell Counters.







Once per turn, you can pay 500 Life Points to look at 1 face-down card that your opponent controls or 1 card in your opponent's hand. Activate one of the following effects based on what type of card it is:

Spell: Increase a monster that you control's ATK by 500.

Trap: Increase a monster that you control's DEF by 500.

Monster: Remove this card and the monster from play.

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