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EFFECT:This card returns to the owner's hand during the End Phase of the turn that this card is Normal Summoned, Special Summoned or flipped face-up. This card cannot declare an attack. You may special summon this monster during your opponents battle phase by tributing one monster on your side of the field and paying 1000 life points.

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....OP...Lose the 3000 and make it 2000...noting over 2000 for lvl 4's even if it cant attack it serves as an almost inpenetrable guard since it can be summoned during your opponent's battle phase...


OCG errors that I will fix when you post the effect under it.


Also look at a real Spirit card and use that as a format on how to write it's effect because right now it has improper wording for a spirit card



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"paying 1000 life points"


If you don´t want her to be OP'd make it so high, that it might kill you.

3000 or sth. like this


The idea of a Powerful 4 Star Monster isn´t so bad as everyone says..


I wouldve an idea for you.

make it optional to Tribute Monsters to keep the ATK up by 3000.

(by tributing 2 Monsters)

(by tributing 1 Monster ATK=2000)

(by tributing 0 Monster ATK=1000)


you might could use the Lost atk with cards like ectoplasmer..;)

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