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Pokemon RP: Shadows of our world. (Still accepting)


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Plotline: (News report, used to start you off):

"Well, after the ionic storm crashing itself into the sky across Kanto, more and more of these storms have been seen in Johto and Sinnoh, wether or not these storms are linked to Pokemon, remains a mystery?"


Application Form:


Name: ---



Bio: ---

Pokemon Team: --- (Include quick bio for each member)

Alliance: --- (Team Rocket, Trainer, etc...)

Image: (You may use Tektek or http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/tcm2/ )




Here's my'n to help you;


Name: Jenkins


Age: 16


Gender: Male


Bio: Jenkins has a very strict code of honour with his team, which results in training with his Pokemon day and night. Jenkins philisophical nature has resulted in a distant personality, also having a distinct sense of disgust towards other trainers who do not share his thoughts.


Pokemon Team:


Blaziken - Jenkins Blaziken has a very timid personality, meaning he is very quick on his feet, however Blaziken also judges both pokemon and trainers quickly. He also appears skittish, bordering on twitchy.


Skarmory - Jenkins Skarmory only hatched from the egg recently, being seperated with its mother, Until Skarmorys grown enough to start its training. For the moment, Skarmory remains a valient and supporting cheerleader for the group, she also has a volitile nature towards those who show dishonour to Jenkins and the other members of the team.


Dragonite - Jenkins shiny Dragonite is a very powerful beast, joining him as a small, weak appearing Dratini. Since then, he has evolved into very right-minded Dragonite. Dragonite does have an inferiority complex towards any other Dragon-type Pokemon because of there specialist power. Dragonite makes up for this with its versitility of moves it knows, including Dragon Dance, Surf, Earthquake and Thunderbolt.


Alliance: Trainer, Pokemon Co-ordinator


Image: 9r5zrd.png

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Yeah, sure, just make sure to put a quick note about each one of them.



This is for current Trainers etc...

~~~OrcMan321 - Jenkins~~~


~~~))Raven(( - Reserved~~~


~~~BlackWing-Master - James~~~


~~~TwIsTeD GaArA_95 - Reserved~~~


~~~Avion - Zan~~~


~~~:.Untouched.: - Gary Oak~~~


~~~ One World - Garret~~~


~~~Victa zeh Victa - Otto~~~

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Bio:James is a boy that grew up in Twinleaf town. He heard about how Rowan gives a pokemon to beggining trainers and went right away. He was lucky enough to get a special pokemon that was rare in that region, Mudkip (yes i liek Mudkipz). he than set off on his journy

Pokemon Team:

Mudkip:James' begginer pokemon and one of his best. Mudkip has plenty of fighting spirit and never gives up.

Riolu: Riolu was a pokemon that was given to James' by his dad before he left on his trip. Riolu is shy, but never backs away from a battle.


Image: mysprite.jpg

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Cool, awesome, I'll start it off on the next post, where we meet in Sandgem town. Yeah we can.

Jenkins walked slowly, taking each step as a stride, pacing himself gently through Sandgem town. He stopped outside of the local Pokemart, there he would pick up supplies needed for his next journey. Jenkins paced himself through the automatic doors. He quickly paid for the various supplys he would need. He then paced himself through the door again, breathing the air conditioning as he left. The smell then changed to a pleasent seaside breeze.

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Bio:He started his journey when he was 15 years old. A lot younger than most trainers. he choose Chimchar because he felt a relationship when he looked at chimchar. Now he and Chimchar are on their way through the pokemon world!

Pokemon Team: Chimchar-Zans first Pokemon. He is adventerous and very brave.

Luxio-This is Zans First caught pokemon. they have a strong relationship

Geodude-Gedude cam to Zan in a time of need. a rhyhorn was chasing geodude and Zan Rescued him



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Name: Garrett

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Bio: Garrett was originally from the Johto Region, but is now a traveling trainer, visiting places like The Battle Frontier and Sinnoh's Battle Zone.

Pokemon Team:

Lucario: Garrett and his Lucario go far back. Garrett got the egg on Iron Island during a brief trip to the Sinnoh Region before returning to his home in Johto. Lucario helped Garrett beat the Kanto Elite 4.

Sharpedo: Garrett recently caught Sharpedo, traveling in Hoenn. He and Sharpedo have been to 2 regions together.

Luxray: Luxray was the first pokemon Garrett caught. Luxray is very close to Garrett.

Marowak: Garrett recently received Marowak during a trade. Marowak does not like Garrett much.

Alliance: Trainer

Image: tcG.png

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Name: Otto Joltingson

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Bio: She started her journey at 16. She caught an Eevee instead of choosing a starter Pokemon.

[spoiler=Pokemon Team:]

Jolteon(M) - Jolteon is her best friend as has been with her since he was an Eevee

Ditto - Otto picked up a rock and washed it each day when she was 14. The rock appeared to be Ditto!

Mothim - Mothim was abandoned by an Old Team Rocket Member and was raised by Otto

Alliance: Trainer

Image: IDK later.

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Jenkins slowly walked through Sandgem Town, placing one foot ahead of the other, until he reached the Pokemon Center, there he thought to himself, seeing a high amount of competitive trainers healing the various Pokemon they had. Jenkins looked behind him, squinting his eyes towards the distance, there he noticed a large formation of black clouds heading towards the town. Jenkins shook his head lightly as he continued to walk inside, they he would hope to be greeted by other trainers,but as usual, he was ignored by his peers. Jenkins stealthly moved through the bustle of people until he came to a large archway, there he sat down at a nearby bench, unpacking various foods for his Pokemon. He then retrieved three pokeballs from his waist, Jenkins then dropped them to the floor, each springing back to his hand in turn. Afterwards, Blaziken, Dragonite and Skarmory each joined Jenkins in eating there food. Jenkins felt uneasy as he eat, as did his Pokemon, but wether or not the reported storms in the area were triggering it, is unclear.

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