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Really Powerful Thunder Monster

Captain C

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When this card is on the Field no Thunder-type monsters can be affected by the Effect of a Spell, or Trap cards. Also if there is a Level 3 or lower Thunder-type monster(s) on your side of the Field they can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. This monster is treated as a Warrior.

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This card has many OCG errors such as


"Field" should be "field"

"Thunder-type" should be "Thunder-Type"

"Effect" should be "effect"

"Spell, or Trap cards" should be "Spell or Trap Cards"

"monster(s)" should be "monster" since you have the rest of the sentence indicating 1 not 1 or more.

And not that it matters but I think your last sentence should be the first sentence. That is how it normaly is read on real cards, but as I said 'Not that it matters'


Anyways the picture is vastly overused.

And yes...It is a "very powerful thunder monster" but the problem is....It is to powerful. Give him drawbacks and it will be balaced out.



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