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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist City Tournament (Chaper 1)


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The time has come for me to write a new Fan Fiction. I hope you all enjoy.



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[align=center]Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist City Tournament

Chapter 1:[/align]


A city had been created in the middle of Japan, the city was known as Duelist City. Not a great name, but the name let you know where you were and what was happening there. It was a place for Duel Monsters. It didn’t have academies, but it was the place where most Pro’s lived.


It was a great environment. It had a great public school system for Duelist’s children, and the best card shops in the world were here. It was a Duel Monsters paradise. In the time this city rose, so did small Dueling Corporations. Soon, the city was filled with large buildings that had their own versions of Holographic Projections.


Only the Pro’s were allowed to carry a Duel Disk with them. It was your way of telling them apart from the rest of the people. Plus, only a Duelist could afford them since you would get a huge discount on them. There was one corporation that was leading this cities business, and that was Duelist City Industries.


Every three years they threw a tournament known as the Duelist City Tournament. The tournament was the most well known tournament throughout the world and had prizes for the top 3 Duelists. The prize everyone wanted was the number one prize though; to become King of Games. You got the title plus a large sum of money. Entry fee to the tournament wasn’t very big, but the number of Duelists made it a hefty sum.


- - -


“Well Hitomi. It looks like it is time for you and I to Duel,” a voice called over to the girl standing in front of a Duelist Club.


“Hm? Is that you, Kenji?”


“Yes it is.” Kenji replied.


Kenji was a very handsome guy with blond hair, bright blue eyes, a white sleeveless shirt, black fashionable jeans, nice shoes, and a gold chain. He also had wrist guards on both hands. Next to him was someone with red spiky hair and an entire red outfit. He wore a white scarf around his neck that flowed in the wind. He smiled the entire time and looked at the two of them with his soft grey eyes.


“I can’t wait to see you two Duel after all this time.” The boy in red said.


“Have you improve your deck like I told you too Hitomi?” He said as he stepped in front of the door that automatically opened.


“You’ll have to see for yourself.” She said as she stepped in front of him and walked in giggling.


The room was fairly big. Straight across from the door was a huge counter with two doors on both sides of it. To the left was a waiting area which was empty at the time and to the right were restrooms and a drinking fountain. The room was well decorated and had red carpet with white walls and a ceiling made of glass so you could see through it.


They registered there names and the man stopped. “You kids are Pro Duelists? Why would you want to Duel here when you can Duel anywhere with Duel Disks?” The man at the counter said.


“Well, she just became a Pro. And she can’t afford a Duel Disk even at the discount. Besides, this place is free when you’re a Pro.” The boy in red laughed as he grabbed Hitomi and Kenji by the shoulders and hugged them.


“Well, that would be why.” Kenji agreed.


“You guys can go to Duelist Arena 7 through the left door.”


The three of them walked past 3 other doors that led to Arena’s 1, 3, and 5. They heard noises that sounded like Duels going on inside of them. They finally walked into Arena 7 where there was a huge hologram projector. It was the old style where both Duelists stood on platforms. It was perfect.


They both walked to a platform and it raised. They both stepped forward and looked at each other.


“Duel!” They both said together drawing 5 cards each.


“Yutaka, flip a coin to see who goes first.” Kenji called down to him.


“Of course,” the boy in red replied, “heads or tails Hitomi?”




Yutaka flipped the coin and caught it with his right hand, then slapped it on the back of his left hand and looked at it. “It’s heads.”


“I’ll go first then,” Hitomi said drawing her first card. “First I’ll play Birdface(1600, 1600) in attack position.” An ugly bird with a gold head, blue chest, and red legs appeared on the field. “Then I’ll play a face-down and end my turn.”


“Not bad,” Kenji drew a card while saying this, and looked at it, “but I’ll do better. First I summon Queen of the Golden Army(1200, 800) in attack position.” A beautiful woman in gold armor appeared. In her left hand a sword. “Then I’ll Special Summon Queens Golden Knight(1900, 1100) in attack position.” Another woman in gold armor appeared, she was less attractive, and her muscles were broader.


“Wait, how did you do that?”


Yutaka started laughing. “When Queens Golden Knight is in his hand and there is a Queen of the Golden Army on the Field, he can Special Summon her from his hand. Are you sure you’re a Pro?”


“That isn’t all. As long as Queens Golden Knight is on the field, you cannot target my Queen for anything. And now my Knight, attack her Birdface.” He commanded as the Knight charged in and slashed the chest of the bird. There was a boom and only smoke that had soon cleared remained. “And now my Queen, attack!” He said as the Queen of the Golden Army ran toward Hitomi and jumped into the air slashing her shoulder. Her slash wasn’t as flashy or strong as the Knights.


Hitomi’s LP = 6500


“Ah!” She called out as she fell to her knees holding her shoulder where she had been slashed. “And now I’ll activate my Birdfaces effect,” she started searching through her deck and drew a Cyber Harpie Lady from her deck, added it to her hand, and shuffled her deck. “Thanks to Birdfaces ability, I can get one Harpie Lady from my deck and add it to my hand.” She said happily.


“I’ll play a face-down and end my turn.”


That was a great move. What can I do with that Knight on the field? She thought to herself drawing a card.


“Your being awfully quite now Hitomi.” Yutaka said smiling still.


“Shut up!” She commanded as she looked at her cards thinking. Great! “Now I’ll Summon Cyber Harpie Lady(1800, 1300) in attack position. Then I’ll play Elegant Egotist.” She said as a bird like woman came to the field wearing armor on her chest. Then a spell card came up and three sisters appeared. Pink hair, blue hair, and orange hair. All of them looking like bird woman. “Elegant Egotist allows me to Summon my Harpie Lady Sisters(1950, 2100) in attack position.


“Looks like your getting into your zone.” Kenji said with a smile.


“Now I’ll play Harpies Hunting Grounds. Now all Winged-Beasts gain 200 attack and defense points. Cyber Harpie, attack his Knight!” The Harpie flew into the air and dashed towards the Knight and crashed causing an explosion. “And now my sisters, attack her Queen.” She said as they charged toward the Queen.


“Not so fast. I’ll activate my Trap card, Golden Blast from the Heavens. When a Golden monster I control is being targeted, I can destroy the attacking monster and add one Gold-Counter to my Queen.” He said as a blast of great light came from the sky and destroyed the Harpie Lady Sisters.


Kenji’s LP = 7900


“I guess I’ll end my turn.” Hitomi said sadly.


“Don’t feel down. You made a great move.” Kenji said.


“Yeah. He is just way better than you will ever be.” Yutaka said laughing still.


“Don’t mind him. Play your heart out Hitomi.” He said drawing a card. “Shall we continue?”


Play my heart out? Maybe I can still do this. I need to put my heart into my cards. She thought with new found hope. “Yes! Lets continue!”


That look in her eyes. She is going to try and win. I was just lucky last turn. Maybe she will beat me. “Looks like it is my play. First I’ll summon Black Golden Knight(2100, 100) in attack position.” A Knight in all black with gold lining armor appeared. He wore a helmet with horns coming off of it. “Then I’ll play the Spell card Stream of Gold. This allows me to add 5 Gold-Counters to one of my face-up monsters and I’ll chose my Black Golden Knight.” He said as a stream of gold like water covered the Knight.


I don’t have any moves this turn. Looks like I’ll have to take the damage. Hitomi thought to herself, still looking very confident.


“I’ll remove three Gold-Counters from Black Golden Knight and attack your Cyber Harpie Lady.” He said as the black knight rushed forward and spun around swinging and cutting through the bird lady. “And now my queen, attack her directly!” The Queen charged forward just like before and slashed Hitomi;s shoulder. Hitomi didn’t wince or even flinch. “I’ll end my turn.”


Hitomi’s LP = 5200


Put my heart into this duel. She thought as she drew a card, her eyes closed the entire thought process. This turn I won’t do much damage, but I can protect myself. She thought as she put a card face-down. “I’ll Summon a monster in defense and end my turn.”


She looks too confident to have done nothing. I wonder what that face-down is. He said drawing his card. “I’ve gained two Gold-Counters on Black Golden Knight due to his effect. And now he will attack!”


“I’ll activate my Trap. Mirror Force! Now all face-up attack position monsters are destroyed!” She said confidently.


“That was actually a good move.” Yutaka said.


The black knight and the queen were both destroyed by the Trap card. “I guess I’ll play a face-down and call it a turn.”


“Now it is my go!” She drew a card. “Now I’ll summon Harpie Queen(1900, 1200) in attack position.” She said as a beautiful bird woman appeared. She winked at Kenji. “Now I can destroy your face-down thanks to Hunting Grounds. And now MY queen, attack his life points directly.” The Harpie Queen flew over to Kenji and jabroni smacked him. “I’ll end my turn.”


Kenji’s LP = 5800


“Time to finish this Duel.” He said drawing a card. “Now, I’ll summon Golden Bird LV3(1400, 600) in attack position.” A little golden bird appeared on the field. “Now I’ll activate another Stream of Gold and add 5 Gold-Counters to my bird. Then I remove them to Special Summon The Great Golden Dragon(?, ?) in attack position. His effect allows me to add 5 Gold-Counters to him everytime a monster is Special Summoned and he gains 400 attack points for every Gold-Counter on him.” A Chinese looking dragon with gold scales gave a roar as its attack and defense increased to 2000.


“That isn’t strong enough to defeat my Queen.”


“It will be. I’ll play the spell card Golden Rebirth. By removing 1 Gold-Counter, I can Special Summon a ‘Golden’ monster from my Graveyard. I’ll Special Summon my Queens Golden Knight. Now my Dragons attack is at 3600, which is well above your monsters attack. Now my Golden Dragon, attack his Queen!” The golden dragon charged a blast in its mouth and blasted it from its mouth destroying the Harpie Queen. “And my Knight and Bird, attack as well.” The two monsters attacked directly. “I’ll end my turn.”


Hitomi’s LP = 400


She drew her card without a work. I’m finished. I have nothing that can save me now. She said as she played a monster face-down. “I’ll end my turn.” She said with her head down.


“Looks like you won Kenji.” Yutaka said smiling still.


“Yeah, he does.” She said.


“Relax Hitomi. It is one duel. You did much better than what most people do. I’m more experienced too. So you have no reason to worry.” They both took there decks and added them to there deck boxes.


“Your not gonna finish her off?”


“Nah. It was a great duel. She did good. No need for me to overdo it.”


“Thank you for the Kenji.” Hitomi said as she ran off.


“Wait!” Kenji yelled.


“It’s too late Kenji, she’s gone.”


The two of them walked out of the place and there they saw Kenji’s older brother and his friend who happened to be Hitomi’s older brother. They were looking back with a confused stare, starring at Hitomi.


“What happened Kenji?” Kenji’s older brother Hitoshi said.


“Yes. What the hell happened.” Hitomi’s older brother Hebi.


“They dueled, she lost.” Yutaka said as if it was no big deal.


“Why do you say it like that you little bastard?” Hebi said.


“It is no big deal. She’ll be alright.” He replied.


“I’ll show you how losing is no big deal. Meet me in Duelist Arena 1 and I’ll show you.” He said as he walked past him entering the door. Hitoshi followed. Soon Yutaka walked after them and Kenji followed.


“I’ll show him.” Yutaka said following him with a smile on his face. They entered the room and Hebi was already ready. Hitoshi was bobbing his head up in down while listening to his headphones. He paid no attention.


“Lets do this bastard.” Hebi said drawing 5 cards.


“DUEL!” They both said together.



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Your idea is really good; I've had been toying with something similar too.

Alas, one of the biggest mistakes is having two main characters duel in chapter 1. Whether it was a creative choice, or a weird one, we do not know yet.

I'd have liked to have seen you starting with some character development, or at least some backstory.

You seem to be a non-english speaker. So am I, but after writing about 70 pages I was starting to get better with S/G.

And now some positive things: I really like the idea of a clear barrier between the good and the bad duelists. It was going to play a major role in my second book, as you will see as you might read it once out of boredom.

Your Dueling was okay, even tough I kinda dislike custom cards in fanfics.

Your descriptions are okay, I can imagine most of the things as I read them.


I'll try to keep an eye on this if it grows quickly through the starting stage, and wish you good luck with this promising fanfic!

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Nah. It'll get good. The storyline hasn't even been introduced yet. Bad characters haven't been introduced. And I'm introducing my characters through duels. Character construction will come. I'm just getting my need to create duels out of the way. Next Duel is Blackwings vs Fiends. I think it should be good.

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