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Junk Frog deck -by skull knight


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Junk synchron x3

Unifrog x3

Submarine frog x3

Substitoad x3

Starboy x3

Mother grizzly x3

Penguin soldier x2

Grand mole



Wetlands x3

Terraforming x2

Inferno reckless summon x2

Creature swap x2

Lightning vortex x2

Lv limit area B

Swords of rev. light


Heavy storm

Monster reborn

Pot of avarice



Graceful revival x3

Torrential tribute

Dust tornado



Froggy forcefield

Gravity bind

Aqua chorus

Gravedigger ghoul

Chthonian alliance x3

Nobleman of crossout

Demise of land x2

Magical mallet

Treeborn frog

Ameba x2



Junk warrior x3

Magical android

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