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My Set of Sea Serpents

Captain C

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[Deviath, The Lord of the Abyss+Feduliatius, The Protector of The Seven Seas]. When your opponent summons a monster you can activate this monster's effect. You can remove from play a Sea Serpent monster from the Graveyard. That monster's ATK and DEF subtracts the opponent's monster's ATK and DEF. You must tribute 2 monsters so this monster can attack.



If you pay 2000 Life Points you can activate this card's effect. When you pay 2000 Life Points you can Special Summoned two Level 6 or lower Sea Serpent-type monsters on your side of the Field. While this card is on the Field no Sea Serpent-type monsters on the Field can't be affected by Spell or Trap cards.


This monster can't be Normal or Set Summoned. This monster can only be Special Summoned by removing 3 Water-type from play. While on the field all Water-type monsters on the field gain 200 ATK and DEF except this card.

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